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Orana Drill and blast service includes the full rock on ground service, including one of our drill and blast engineers, blast managment plan, blast design, laser profile, drilling, bore tracking, explosives, shotfiring, blast monitoring and blast video.

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Blast Audits

Our professional and experienced staff take an audit of all aspects of your mining and blasting project. This includes hydraulic drill performance, hole diameter, explosive specifications, blast patterns, fragmentation, initiation sequence and displacement. We visit your mine to understand your mining drilling methods and design while making notes of existing activity.

We document the blasting and drilling equipment while recording your blasting parameters. We also observe the blasts to get a complete understanding of any problems.

Blast Optimisation

One of our methods in mines includes blast optimisation. We optimise your project blast parameters to help keep your project overhead low. It involves examining your blast sequence, digging techniques, fragmentation patterns, vibration, and air blast and perimeter control review. We'll keep your ground support to a minimum.

Problem Solving

We'll come to your project site and make recommendations to help resolve any issues you may have with ore losses, fragmentation, dilution, ground vibration, final wall blast damage, flyrock, misfires and over break. Our experts can also suggest drilling direction adjustments, explosive type and quantity, stemming material, initiation sequence, hole length and diameter and blasting methods.

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Orana Drilling Offers Drill and Blast Mining to Locations Across Australia

We have depots in Clermont and Ipswich, allowing us to provide mining and blasting services to projects in Bowen Basin, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Mackay, Central Queensland and beyond. You can contact us today to have our mining and drilling teams help you complete your project today! Give us a call or fill out our online form now.

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