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Our drilling rigs feature three quality pieces of drilling equipment. We work to keep them in excellent condition and ready to deploy to a project site at a moment’s notice. Whether you have a small or large directional drilling project, we can help.

What is a Drilling Rig?

A truck mounted drilling rig is a system that drills wells and large holes for projects throughout Australia. Our truck mounted drilling rigs are highly mobile. They can test rock, sample subsurface mineral deposits, test soil and groundwater physical properties, and more. Drilling rigs are useful for projects that involve installing sub-surface fabrications like tunnels, wells, underground utilities or instrumentation. When people talk about a rig, they're usually referring to the more complex equipment that penetrates the surface.

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Our Drilling Rigs

At Orana Drilling, we have four different rigs available for directional drilling projects.

ATLAS T40 SmartROC Drilling Rig

This drilling rig is very fuel efficient, but it delivers on power. You'll get a whole range of 64 mm to 127 mm with it. This drilling rig comes equipped with an enhanced automation, dust collector, folding boom system, FOPS and ROPS-approved operator canopy, and more. It's perfect for smaller-scale projects.

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ATLAS T45 SmartROC Drilling Rig

This drilling rig allows you to get a whole range between 89 mm and 140 mm. It comes with a hydraulic rock drill, double hose drums and a auto feed fold system. This rig is highly fuel efficient and has an advanced rig control system to increase automation capability.

View T45 Drill Rig

ATLAS COPCO T35 Drilling Rig

You'll get an integrated remote control system with this drilling rig that allows your staff to stay a safe distance from the hole. It's compact and powerful with a 225 horsepower engine.

View T35 Drill Rig

Truck Mounted Drill Rigs

We know how important it is to have the right drilling equipment on your project site when you need it. This is where our truck mounted drill rigs come in. They're fast and efficient, and they can help in both big and small projects.

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Orana Drilling Provide Drilling Equipment to Sites Across QLD

If you have a directional drilling project in Bowen Basin, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Mackay, Central Queensland or beyond, talk to us today. With depots in Clermont and Ipswich, we’re confident we can service your project. Get in touch with our staff to arrange a free quote today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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