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Here at Orana Drilling, we understand that some projects will have weak soil layers that you have to contend with before you continue your project. One way to achieve soil stabilisation in these areas is soil nail drilling. There are several soil nailing methods available, and this is why you want a reputable soil nailing contractor on hand to help you find the right option for your site. Both large and small civil works companies know that Orana Drilling excels at all aspects of soil nailing.

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The Benefits of Soil Nail Installation for Your Project

The biggest benefit of soil nailing is that it adds strength to weakened layers of soil. These soil layers could weaken from existing excavation or from fresh cuts. They're a good way to help restore previous slopes that water washed away.

It also helps to keep your work area safer for your employees. The nails penetrate through the loose soil and anchor into the stable ground. They get grouted into place, and the loose soil clings to them. Your employees will be able to work confidently around the area without fear of it giving way.

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Soil Nail Drilling Application Types

You can choose from several methods when it comes to soil stabilisation. Our soil nailing contractors are happy to help decide which one will work best for you. They include:

Drilled and Grouted

Holes get pre-drilled into the slope's face before workers insert the nails into the holes. Grouting materials go in next to stabilise the nail.

Driven Soil

This method works for temporary stabilisation. Smaller nails go into the slope's face around one metre apart to hold the top layer of soil in place.

Self Drilling

This quick soil nailing method drills bars and grout into the slope's face at the same time. The grout sets and anchors the nail in place.

Orana Drilling Can Complete Soil Nail Installation in Central QLD

Do you need soil stabilisation and erosion control? If so, Orana Drilling has depots in Ipswich and Clermont which allow us to service areas including Bowen Basin, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Mackay and throughout Central Queensland. Contact us today for a free quote on our soil nail installation services by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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