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Working on slopes and drilling into them requires an experienced ground anchor drilling team and the correct materials. Our clients know that the team at Orana Drilling have the experience to install permanent ground anchors and temporary ground anchors.

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Drilling Contractors from Orana Drilling Can Bring Line Drilling Machines to Your Next Project

We understand how difficult it can be when you want to start your next project and find out there is bedrock in the way. Sometimes, it's not possible to perform normal drilling and blasting procedures to break the rock up to excavate it. Maybe your project is too close to buildings or communities, or it's in too tight of a space.

Using a line drilling machine is a fast and effective way to be able to break up the rock with minimal destruction. It's very popular in the mining and quarrying industries throughout Australia. It's also found practical use in several other civil works industries with great success. The flexibility level of this directional drilling process makes it useful on both large and small projects. Our drilling contractors can tailor our line drilling procedure to suit your project and get it off to a strong start.

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What are the Benefits of Ground Anchor Drilling?

There are several benefits that come when you choose to use drilling and anchoring in your civil works projects. The biggest benefits include:


Tensioned anchors give you a versatile and flexible alternative to traditional earth retention methods. They work well on dams or slopes to keep the earth back and away from your project site.

High Load Attainability

Even if you have relatively poor ground conditions, you're able to use ground anchor drilling to attain higher loads. This can help keep your project moving and on track.


Both temporary and permanent ground anchors come with enhanced durability. They withstand corrosion and alkalis to increase their lifespan and reduce your maintenance costs. In turn, this decreases your costs throughout their life cycle.

Maximise Working Space

You can maximise your working space if you take on deep excavation projects like extensions, new builds, cofferdams, or cover and cut tunnels.

Low Environmental Impact

Drilling and anchoring as a whole has a lower environmental impact than other options. It allows you to complete your project and leave the surrounding environment largely undisturbed.

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Types of Anchors Used for Ground Anchor Drilling

You can choose from a few different types of ground anchors when you take on a project and need them. They include:

Permanent Ground Anchors

These types of anchors typically see use as part of a permanent retaining structure. They act as support where the final retaining structure can't function by itself.

Temporary Ground Anchors

This ground anchor is useful during projects when you're building a retaining wall and you need temporary support until you finish the project.

Soil Nails

You can install reinforced steel bars with soil nails to prevent the ground from slipping during the construction process.

Rock Bolts

For projects around large rocks, you can use rock bolts to anchor these rocks in place until you're ready to remove them.

Orana Drilling Offers Ground Anchor Drilling in Central QLD

With depots in Clermont and Ipswich, we’re able to service a large area across New South Wales and Queensland. Locations we frequently provide services to include Bowen Basin, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Mackay and throughout Central Queensland. If you need drilling and anchoring services for your next project, contact us today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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