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At Orana Drilling, we excel at solar farm drilling. We have several machines and processes that allow solar farms to speed up the piling progress. Our drilling rigs work on varied or hard ground conditions with rock and soft floaters.

We can use our drill rig and our rock drills to easily drive the piles into our pre-drilled pilot holes. This allows us to save a considerable amount of time for each project. Additionally, it works to increase our drilling and piling accuracy levels. In turn, this can result in a large overall saving throughout the project. To discuss your next solar farm installation project and the solar farm drilling and piling service you require, talk to the team at Orana Drilling today.

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Orana Drilling Can Perform Solar Farm Piling Services Efficiently and Accurately

A large part of solar farm installation is the piling. We offer quality drilling equipment that allows us to pre-drill holes that we can then test for future solar farms. We'll use our machinery to conduct pull out and pile lateral tests of the location to ensure that you have a lasting design.

Our drilling equipment includes a truck-mounted drill. This drill is able to quickly and easily travel over rough terrain to your solar farm installation spot. It includes areas where there are no roads, and the site is in the earliest stages of the investigation process. This can help you make the decision whether or not this area is a good choice for your new farm.

We'll use an excavator to perform test pile extraction as well. In turn, you'll get a complete picture or the difficulty levels and costs involved with starting a solar farm in a specific area.

The team at Orana Drilling also specialise in solar farm piling, where we use our drill rigs to accurately create holes for your solar farm installation.

Solar Farm Drilling Locations

Orana Drilling has depots in Clermont and Ipswich. This allows us to provide solar farm drilling and piling services to popular locations including Bowen Basin, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Mackay, and throughout Central Queensland. Get in touch with us today to organise a free quote on our solar farm drilling services. Contact us by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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