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When you want a stable foundation to start your next project on, this can mean performing test drilling. You'll need a geotechnical drill rig to do this, and Orana Drilling has a well-maintained fleet ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. If you’re starting at geotechnical drilling project, talk to the team at Orana Drilling for advice today.

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Why Do a Drill Test for Your Construction Site?

If you’re working on a site that is in a confined space or urban area, rock peppering might be the right drilling technique for you. Rock peppering is used when you can’t blast due to restrictions. The rock peppering drilling technique works by drilling holes in close proximity of a 300mmx300mm square pattern. This pattern makes it easier for rocks to be extracted by hammer excavation.

One of the biggest reasons companies choose exploratory drilling is to test a site for water or minerals. They can quickly find out whether or not a site is a viable option to continue the project on. If they can't find the water or minerals, they need from test drilling, they'll move to a new site.

Why Orana Drilling Can Minimise the Risks Involved with a Drill Test on Your Project

Orana Drilling can minimise risks on your site due to our experience. We bring decades of combined experience to each project we take on for our customers. We also have a geotechnical drill rig on hand. Our staff work to keep this rig in top shape and ready to go at a moment's notice.

We'll work to ensure that the drilling conditions stay at their peak levels throughout the drill stem test. This makes the area safer for both your employees and your equipment. We'll ensure that the drill's location is optimal to achieve the results you need. We'll also perform a thorough survey of the area to get a good idea on the rock you'll have to go through to reach your resources.

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Orana Drilling has depots in Clermont and Ipswich which allows us to provide test drilling services all across Bowen Basin, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Mackay and throughout Central Queensland. The team at Orana Drilling will complete their geotechnical drilling quickly and efficiently. If you need exploratory drilling services, contact us today for a free quote by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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