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Probe drilling is needed when there is old under ground workings that need to be located .We start from the out side and drill holes till we find the void never having the drill over the under ground void. Once located a larger hole will be drilled and void will to be filled.

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What is Probe Drilling?

Exploratory drilling is a common practice with underground drilling projects. It helps in determining where rocks are and any other relevant conditions of the earth before an underground drilling project begins. In-tunnel drilling typically takes place several days before the project starts. Workers will monitor these holes for changing ground conditions, rock strength changes, bad tunnel conditions, rushing water or gas.

Pre-grouting is a process where workers inject grout into your pre-drilled holes. The grout hardens and helps to control any water inflow. In turn, this gives your staff the ability to ensure that their working area is safe, stable and durable.

drilling machine
drilling machine

Why Use Underground Drilling For Your Next Project?

There are a few reasons why underground drilling is useful for your project. Running utilities often requires a dry and secure tunnel to keep the utility lines working at optimal levels. As people move further and further into Australia, the need for utility lines rises.

Installing piping is another reason why many companies take on underground drilling jobs. You want to ensure that your piping is straight and even with a firm foundation under it. These tunnels can add an extra layer and keep the pipes from getting damaged.

Probe Drilling Locations

At Orana Drilling, we have quality pieces of drilling equipment available for deployment at a moment’s notice. We have depots in Clermont and Ipswich which allows us to provide drilling services to locations such as Bowen Basin, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Mackay and throughout Central Queensland.

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