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There are certain areas that are more prone to slope failures. The risk only increases when you begin working in an area, and slope stabilisation can make the area safer for your workers and the project at hand. There are many ways to go about slope reinforcement, and our staff are ready to help.

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When is Soil Stability a Danger?

Think about it. You can have both natural and man-made slopes. Areas like dams, highways, quarries and canals all have some form of slope leading to them. The soil around this area has an incline to contend with, and this can cause them to slip. This is why countries like Malaysia are so prone to landslides and rock slides. The heavy rains combined with the unstable soil create a perfect mix for the soil to let loose.

If this happens during a construction project, your employees can very easily get hurt. It can also cost you thousands in equipment costs. This is why having effective erosion control in place is a must. At Orana Drilling, we excel at soil stabilisation, and there is no job too big or too small for our staff to handle.

The lightweight design coupled with the compact size makes the Atlas COPCO T35 drilling rig easy to transport from point A to point B. It also has a lower overall height that allows it to fit into smaller project sites. Your drilling contractors will also enjoy easily accessible service points for easy maintenance from the ground.

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How to Implement Slope Reinforcement Measures

There are several ways that you can perform slope stabilisation at your project site. It includes erosion control as well to help ensure that your slope stays put even after you finish. We can perform corrective and remedial measures for you in the following ways:

Cut and Fill

When you construct a road or canal, we help ensure that the amount of cuts you take is enough to make your embankments.

Rock and Soil Anchors

We can apply rock and soil anchors to keep the slope in place throughout the construction process.


Drainage ditches and trenches help to funnel water away from your slope so it doesn't erode and slip.

Retaining Walls

We can build a retaining wall to prevent part of your soil from sliding down. It'll have a solid foundation to sit on.

Geo Grids

Our geo grids help to trap and hold your rocks and soil in place on your slope to increase your soil stability.

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Orana Drilling Offers Slope Stabilisation Services in Central QLD

Orana Drilling have depots in Ipswich and Clermont that allow us to provide slope stabilisation and erosion control in locations such as Bowen Basin, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Townsville, Mackay and throughout Central Queensland. Contact us today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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